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Barwon Child, Youth & Family was launched as a new entity on 1 July 2015 as a result of a merger between Glastonbury Community Services, Barwon Youth and Time for Youth. The history of the three merged agencies is outlined below.

Glastonbury Community Services

From 1850s to 2012

Glastonbury Community Services has its origins in the 1850s. The founders of Geelong commenced and supported an orphanage from 1854. The first Mayor, William Baylie and the patron, James Austin, guided the development of the orphanage at its first site.

In 1925 the orphanage moved to Belmont and during the late 1970s the Committee of Management facilitated the transition to group homes (from Children's Home) and home based family services.

In 1996 Glastonbury Community Services moved to Malop Street Geelong.

The orphanage changed names and location over a period of 125 years (approximately):

1854 – 1862

Geelong Orphan Asylum

1862 – 1909

Geelong Protestant Orphan Asylum

1902 – 1955

Geelong and Western District Protestant Orphanage


Move to Belmont

1955 – 1977

Glastonbury – Geelong Protestant Orphanage

1977 – 1984

Glastonbury Children's Home


Name change to Glastonbury Child and Family Services


The company which later became known as Glastonbury Community Services was incorporated under the name Glastonbury Child and Family Services Limited


Move to Malop Street Geelong


Name changed to Glastonbury Community Services

Barwon Youth

Barwon Youth commenced in 1981 and developed into an organisation that was funded from a range of government sources by state and commonwealth, philanthropic grants and donations.

Barwon Youth provided a broad spectrum of programs and services to young people in the Barwon South Western Region of Victoria.

In providing these services Barwon Youth demonstrated its ability to act collaboratively with many agencies and government departments, establishing long standing and unique partnerships. The history of Barwon Youth demonstrates high quality, reliable and innovative services.

Time for Youth

Time for Youth began operating in the Barwon Region in 1987 and has been a leading provider of services for vulnerable young people aged 10 to 25 and their families. Time for Youth services included youth and family programs, crisis and transitional accommodation, housing support, information, referral to the wider service network, as well as a range of other initiatives to assist young people to develop their sense of belonging, self - worth and connection to family, school and the community. Time for Youth collaborated with the youth, family and community sector across the Barwon region.