BCYF Life Fellowships announced

BCYF is pleased to announce three new recipients of Life Fellowship status.

John Frame, William (Bill) Mathers and Jim Rutherford, who were the three BCYF foundational chairs, have each received a Life Fellowship in recognition of their outstanding contribution to BCYF and its founding agencies.

The Life Fellow assessment (by the Board) measures the contribution of an individual or group through the proven and demonstrated achievement of one or more attributes including leadership and governance; contribution to organisational sustainability and strategic development; service contribution and outcomes; and mission and values aligned ethical behaviour.

John Frame served as a Board Director and Chair to Glastonbury Community Services, one of BCYF’s founding agencies, from 2012-2015. John was a strong advocate for the BCYF merger and was the inaugural Board Chair of BCYF from 2015-2019, and still remains a serving Board Director.

Jim served as the Board Chair and as a Board Director to Time For Youth, another founding agency of BCYF, from 2002-2015. He has also been a foundational Board Director of BCYF since 2015, showing dedication to supporting children, young people and families in the Barwon community for many years. Jim also remains a current BCYF Board Director.

Bill, who only recently resigned from the BCYF Board in April 2019, was the Board Chair and Board Director to the third founding agency of BCYF, Barwon Youth (BAYSA), from 2000 until the time of the merger in 2015. Bill then became a foundational Board Director of BCYF from 2015-2019, showing long and loyal service for both Barwon Youth and BCYF.

These much-deserved Life Fellowships recognise the incredible dedication and commitment, over a long and sustained period, that Bill, John and Jim have each made not only to BCYF and its founding agencies, but in turn to the wider Geelong community. It is very appropriate that the three foundational Board Chairs have been recognised in this way, and which also reflects the high esteem in which all three are held within BCYF.

BCYF congratulates Bill, John and Jim on this outstanding and well-deserved recognition. They now, appropriately, join Paul Whelan, former Glastonbury and BCYF Board Director, and Mike Kelly, former Time for Youth CEO, as BCYF Life Fellows.

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