Through its Student Placement Program, BCYF is committed to providing high quality professional placement experiences for students from a range of disciplines.

BCYF will contribute to the education of students to increase their knowledge, capabilities and professional behaviours relating to service provision for vulnerable children, young people and their families.

The Student Placement Program offers an optimal learning environment for students to enjoy safe and effective learning experiences, while also meeting the obligations of the education provider to fulfil their course requirements.

What type of students does BCYF take for placement?

BCYF accepts a wide variety of students on placement each year. All students must be completing a qualification where a placement is a part of the course requirements, and they have been supported by their education provider to complete a placement with BCYF.

How do I apply for a student placement at BCYF?

BCYF works in partnership with preferred education providers offering a limited number of student placements each year. Please refer to your education provider directly to determine if they have a partnership. If your education provider does not hold a partnership with BCYF, it is unlikely that we can accommodate your placement request.

I’m a student but my course doesn’t require me to complete a placement. Can I volunteer instead?

Yes, please send your volunteer enquiry to for consideration.

Can I do my work experience at BCYF?

Given the nature of the work BCYF does and issues of client confidentiality, the organisation does not have the capacity to offer these kind of opportunities across some areas of our organisation. To discuss if your Work Experience request can be considered, please email