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Flinders Kindergarten

About our Kindergarten

We provide a 3 yr and 4 yr old kindergarten program.

The kindergarten was opened in 1975 and has long been an important part of the Lara community. The indoor and outdoor learning environment has seen a recent refurbishment. We have a large natural outdoor space where the children have many and varied opportunities to explore.

We provide a basis for the beginning of their formal education and acknowledge the valuable contributions of the family as the first teacher working in partnership to provide the children with knowledge and skills in preparation for lifelong learning at kindergarten, home, school and the community.

Our Educational Program

We provide a play based program where children have the opportunity to be enthusiastic participants who are able to direct their own learning through play in a vibrant environment that acknowledges and provides for their safety and wellbeing.

We facilitate and scaffold children’s learning and support each child to reach their highest potential.

We provide a positive and caring environment where we value the uniqueness of each child and respect the children’s differences.


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