Governor-General Impressed with Cafe Meals Program

The Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove sat down with the Barwon Child, Youth & Family Youth Advisory Group during Anti-Poverty Week to discuss homelessness and ways to improve the lives of children in care as well as the importance of involving young people in decision making.

The discussion formed part of Barwon Child, Youth & Family’s inaugural CEO in Café Day that saw their CEO Sandy Morrison working in Geelong’s Courthouse Café to raise awareness for both Anti-Poverty Week and Barwon Child, Youth & Family’s unique food aid program Café Meals.

“The whole idea of coming here was to find out what the youth think of the condition of young people in Geelong who are doing it tough and the sorts of things that are relevant to helping them along,” Sir Peter said.

Mr Morrison who spent the morning volunteering in the café believes that providing a voice for young people is crucial in the decision making process.

“There’s nothing like hearing the voices of children – it’s not filtered and it’s raw, and I thought the Governor-General’s response was very enthusiastic,” he said.

The Governor-General and Lady Cosgrove as well the Federal Member for Corangamite Sarah Henderson MP who was also in attendance were briefed on the success of Barwon Child, Youth & Family’s Café Meals program and were impressed with what they saw.

“It’s a great program that is filling a need,” said Sir Peter. “It’s a typical Aussie use of energy and a bit of know how here in Geelong to actually extend to youngsters not only sustenance by way of a food program that ensures their lifestyle can be healthier, but of course they are administering to their further needs the thing that has brought them to the point where they may be at some risk or a little vulnerable to not eating properly.”

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