It takes a village: celebrating Care Day 2022

Friday 18 February is International Care Day. Now in its seventh year, Care Day is all about celebrating young people with a care experience – their life experience, their achievements, their resilience and their uniqueness!

This year’s the theme is “it takes a village”, highlighting the importance and the impact that a community, support systems, family and friends can have on the lives of young people in care.

We know that young people in care face considerable challenges, but together we can make a difference. We can all contribute to creating a more equitable, better life for children and young people in care.

BCYF recently created a resource to better support children and young people in care. The innovative illustrated booklet What I need to know in Foster Care supports our belief that every child and young person should expect they will be kept safe and well by all the people who provide them with care.

The booklet is provided to all children aged 3-12 in foster care at BCYF and is also available as a free resource to for other foster care agencies.

To find out more about #CareDay22 visit CREATE Foundation –  the national consumer body for children and young people with an out-of-home care experience –  or  head to the International Care Day website.

To request a copy of BCYF’s Charter of Rights document, please email

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