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About our Kindergarten

We provide a 3 yr and 4 yr old kindergarten program.

St Albans Park Kindergarten is located in a quiet suburban street. The program has a strong emphasis on natural play spaces and a large indoor/outdoor learning environment. We believe that children’s capacity for learning is enhanced when there is a trusting and mutually supportive partnership between all parties and open and constructive communication with families. We always work in partnership with families to provide sustainable and positive learning outcomes for children.

Our Educational Program

We understand that children require opportunities to practice and consolidate their skills in key learning areas, working towards learning outcomes. We encourage understanding of sustainability and include re-used and recycled collections in children’s play.

We provide opportunities for children’s further learning through Kelly Sports, a fundamental sports program, and Early Learning Languages Australia program in which children can learn a new language through the use of technology.

We also offer incursions and excursions. We are advocates for play based adventurous learning, in which children’s confidence, positive self-esteem and language can flourish.

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Early Childhood TeacherCarolyn



43-53 Homestead Drive
St Albans Park VIC 3219


(03) 5248 4539


Enrolment Information

For detailed information about our Kindergarten and Early Learning Centre services you can download the BCYF Education and Care Services Family Handbook, or phone 5226 8900 to request a copy.

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