Government subsidised three-year-old kindergarten is coming to Colac in 2021!


Two years of kindergarten are better than one

In 2021, kindergarten programs subsidised by the Victorian Government will be available for three-year-olds throughout Colac Otway Shire, including Colac East, Winifred Nance and Wydinia kindergartens. This means an extra year of learning, playing and making friends.

Research consistently shows that two years of kindergarten are better than one. That’s why the Victorian Government is subsidising access to an extra year of kindergarten – ensuring our kids are ready for school, and set for life.

The skills we learn as children set the foundation for the rest of our lives. Starting kindergarten at three years of age gives children the best start.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How old does my child need to be?

    Aged three by April 30, 2021

    *Children who are not yet three at the beginning of the kindergarten year may start on or after their third birthday.

  • Is my child ready for three-year-old kindergarten?

    Once your child starts three year-old-kindergarten they will progress on to four-year-old the year after, then on to school. If your child starts too early in three-year-old kindergarten they may not be ready to make these transitions successfully.

    To ensure your child has a positive experience in their early years education, it is recommended you discuss readiness for three-year-old kindergarten with the Early Childhood Teacher at one of our BCYF kindergartens.

  • How many hours will my child attend?

    Up to 15 hours will be on offer at all three BCYF  kindergarten settings.

  • Do fees apply?

    Yes they do.

    But the Victorian Government now subsidises approximately two thirds of the cost of delivering kindergarten program, and fees paid by families will cover the remaining cost, making three-year-old kindergarten more affordable for all.

  • Did you know?

    Families can access a kindergarten program at low or no cost if their child:

    • is Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
    • is a triplet or quadruplet
    • is covered by a Health Care Card
    • holds an eligible concession card or refugee, humanitarian or asylum seeker visa, or their parent or guardian does

    For more information, visit:

  • Can I register now for 2021 and beyond?

    Yes, you can by filling out the online registration form below, or by filling out a form located at one of our three Colac-based BCYF kinders:

    Colac East Kindergarten: 1 Polwarth Street, Colac, (03) 5231 2617

    Winifred Nance Kindergarten: 5 Gilmartin Street, Colac, (03) 5231 4749

    Wydinia Kindergarten and Early Learning Centre: 19 Dunoon Street, Colac, (03) 5231 4552

Enrolment Information

For detailed information about our Kindergarten and Early Learning Centre services you can download the BCYF Education and Care Services Family Handbook.

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