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Torture and Trauma Counselling

The Barwon Child, Youth & Family Torture and Trauma team is funded to provide support to Asylum Seekers and Refugees. Members of these communities can access trauma and torture counselling at Barwon Child, Youth & Family from highly skilled practitioners. This program is largely funded through the federal government in recognition of the need to support people who have experienced traumatic events in their country of origin.

Managing the effects of trauma is an integral component to managing your current status in Australia, and ultimately will assist in the settlement of families. In addition to counselling the Torture and Trauma team at Barwon Child, Youth & Family will initiate Community Development programs in partnership with asylum seeker and refugee communities in the region.

Accessing support services is sometimes difficult for refugees and asylum seekers due to language barriers. The Barwon Child, Youth & Family Torture and Trauma team has a number of relationships with interpreters from a broad range of language groups, ensuring any asylum seeker or refugee that wants to access our services, can.

Referrals can be made directly to this program. For more information contact the Team Leader, at Barwon Child, Youth & Family on ph: 5222 6911.