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Barwon Services Connect Partnership

Barwon Connect is at the centre of the Victorian Governments transformation agenda for Community and Human Services in Victoria. The Barwon Connect Partnership is a collaboration of a number of active community service organisations.

Barwon Child, Youth & Family has been selected as the organisation leading this trail in the Barwon Area of the West Division. Barwon Connect will test an approach where a person or family's full set of circumstances are assessed to develop an integrated, holistic response that addresses the range of needs in a sustained manner. We seek to change the way we support individuals and families with a view to achieving lasting positive outcomes.

The program shifts the perspective, firmly placing the person or family requesting service at the centre of attention and requiring the service responders to orient their delivery of supports and services around that person or family. The Barwon Connect Partnerships will begin testing Barwon Connect from 31 October 2014.

For further information please contact the Barwon Connect Team Leader at Barwon Child, Youth & Family on ph: (03) 5222 6911