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Communities that Care


Communities that Care is an evidenced based model of implementing and governing programs that are targeted in a particular catchment. These programs are influenced by a rolling program of data collection that seek to work at reducing risk factors to problematic social issues. They also promote protective standards in the community, are based on universal prevention strategies and are governed by a Community Board of diverse stakeholders. Communities that Care has been operating in Australia and oversees for up to 20 years and has established the highest level of evidence available. Communities that Care is a systemised way of program delivery that is quite different from the historic delivery of programs.

This program is a collaboration between Barwon Child, Youth & Family, Deakin University School of Psychology, The Murdoch Institute at the Royal Children's Hospital, and our funder, the Department of Justice.

For more information on Communities that Care, please contact the Manager, Family and Community Services, at Barwon Child, Youth & Family on ph: (03) 5222 6911.