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Group Work Children, Youth, Adult

Barwon Child, Youth & Family offers a range of group and therapeutic programming.

In school programming

Often group work programming is offered in partnership with local schools, and targeted toward particular age groups. Barwon Child, Youth & Family uses evidence based programs, such as the School and Family Connections program, offered at a range of schools across the Geelong region. This program is rigorously evaluated by our friends at Deakin University. If you are a school seeking support around your social curriculum, or in response to problematic presentations in your school community, the Barwon Child, Youth & Family Work program is a key partner for you.

To access supports from this team call the Team Leader of Group Work programming at Barwon Child, Youth & Family Head Office on ph: (03) 5222 6911.

Out of school programming

Many of Barwon Child, Youth & Family's group work and therapeutic programs are offered at Barwon Child, Youth & Family offices. See below for a summary of the range of programs offered at Barwon Child, Youth & Family.

To refer into these programs, please contact the Team Leader Group Work at Barwon Child, Youth & Family Head Office on ph: (03) 5222 6911

Mens coffee group

Social support group for men.

FAABI (Families Affected by a person with an Acquired Brain Injury)

Social support group for children who are effected by a care-giver or sibling who has an ABI, facilitated and program led. This program is a collaboration between Barwon Child, Youth & Family, Karingal and Arc support.

FAPMI (Families Affected by a person with a Mental Illness)

Social support group for children who are affected by a care-giver or siblings who has a mental illness; facilitated and program led. This program is a collaboration between Barwon Child, Youth & Family and Barwon Health.

Equine assisted therapy

Equine Assisted Therapy is an experiential program led by a specialist Equine Therapist that exposes the participants to a range of ground activities involving horses. The aim of the program is to give participants the opportunity for growth and exploration of feelings and emotions. Horses are an integral partnership on this experiential journey for the participant as they are very responsive to an individual's mood. Equine Assisted Therapy is considered a short intervention, and our past program participants and their carers report a marked change in emotional regulation.

"Michael has definitely been more able to help others in the yard and in the classroom. He is starting to build friendships with other children and no longer wants to play alone. Michael is more able to use his words to express how he feels rather than getting angry and pushing or swearing which is great"

Art therapy

Art Therapy uses creative process to explore feelings, thoughts and memories. Most of our Art Therapy clients are young people who have experienced trauma or significant life disturbances. Art therapy sessions are individual, and led by a qualified Art therapist. A program of ten sessions is offered in which young people can use a range of creative modalities to explore their inner and outer worlds.