The Early Childhood Approach is a nationally consistent way of addressing delays in development or disability for children younger than 7.

Our early childhood practitioners have experience working with children in Educational and community settings.

When we first speak with you we may ask:

  • what you have noticed about your child and what concerns you?
  • how your child interacts in various settings with children and adults?
  • how they play and communicate?
  • how they manage different routines in their day?
  • how they physically participate in everyday tasks?

Our early childhood team can:

  • connect families to a range of supports in their local community while gathering information to understand a child’s development and the types of early childhood supports that will deliver benefits.
  • provide practical information to help you understand your child’s development and their needs.
  • deliver early supports, to build capacity in you and your child to promote everyday learning if your child is younger than 6 and has developmental concerns.
  • Identify if a child requires long-term specialised early childhood intervention supports and is likely to meet eligibility requirements and assist you to request access to the NDIS and submit the required information and evidence.