Children’s Week 2020

BCYF will be celebrating Children’s Week virtually! Although things may look a little different this year, BCYF are providing lots of free online based activities and educational experiences for children and their families to enjoy together.

In 2020, Children’s Week is celebrating the right for children to choose their own friends and safely connect with others. Throughout the week it is also a great opportunity to encourage children to celebrate their own achievements, display their talents and share skills with their family and friends.

Take a look at some of the virtual activities BCYF have planned, join in the fun and celebrate with us during Children’s Week.

Virtual Art Exhibition

In preparation for Children’s Week we asked our families to encourage their children to create their own artwork with the theme ‘How do you connect with family and friends?’

Art expression is a great way for children to communicate their feelings and thoughts, to have a voice through illustration about their experience and to share it, rather than hold it inside. Sharing their work with those around them encourages conversation and helps build their connection with family and friends.

Thank you to all of the children who submitted their artwork for our virtual exhibition, here are some of the highlights!

Bilingual Virtual Storytelling Sessions 26 October and 27 October @ 7pm

BCYF in partnership with Diversitat, will be holding bilingual storytelling sessions featuring the story ‘A friend like Mine’ written by Australian author Samantha Warne. This is a great opportunity for you and your children to prepare for bedtime, relax and enjoy a special story about Fletcher and his friends exploring the upside of being different.

Take a look at the videos our families enjoyed preparing for bedtime during Children’s Week.

Scavenger Hunt

Go on a scavenger hunt! Children’s Week is a great opportunity for you and your children to get out and about and learn a bit more about your local community.  Children will have the opportunity to find some book decal’s to redeem the book ‘Respect’ which introduces children to important elements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, including the importance of listening, learning and sharing – in turn building a sense of acceptance and safety for all.

Please contact Kim Coulter on 5231 4740 or email for more details.

Welcome to Country, Indigenous Storytelling and Dance

During Children’s Week, BCYF Kindergartens and Early Learning Centre will be hosting an Indigenous themed online event including a Welcome to Country, storytelling and dance.

In 2020 our kindergartens and learning centre have been focusing on building an understanding of Indigenous culture. Join Sermsah a Nyikina man from the Kimberley’s, for Indigenous storytelling through dance and language.

BCYF Kindergartens and Early Learning Centres will take part in the activity by viewing the event simultaneously during Children’s Week celebrating the right for children to choose their own friends and safely connect with others.

Please contact Tabitha on 5226 8991 or email for more details.

Make Your Own Play Dough

Making play dough is a very easy and fun way to learn with your children, giving them a chance to communicate and express themselves through play.  As part of our Children’s Week activities, Balpreet from our HIPPY team put together a step by step video showing just how easy it is to make play dough for the whole family to enjoy.

Old McDonald’s Farm Sing-a-long

Come and visit us at Old McDonalds Farm during Children’s Week. Subi from our Supported Playgroup team leads the sing-a-long as you get to meet all of the different animals living on the farm.

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