Meet our Foster Carers: Amanda & Jessie

Amanda and Jessie both come from very big families and feel happiest when their home is full, so made the decision to become foster carers with Barwon Child, Youth & Family over a year ago.

They wanted to become foster carers to help give children a home where they feel safe and loved.

“As a same sex couple wanting to fill our home with children and the obvious difficulties this has brought, we decided that fostering would help a lot of kids in need and we could have the full home we were after,” says Jessie.

Already parents to older children, they say that their wider family have also found the experience of being surrounded by foster children very rewarding.

“We have two children who have completely enjoyed our foster care journey. Our 20 year old daughter and 16 year old son have welcomed many children in our home and enjoyed sharing their safe space and busy lives with them.”

Since becoming foster carers with Barwon Child, Youth & Family, Amanda and Jessie have become advocates for foster care recruitment, encouraging other friends and family to make a difference and become foster carers also.

“When our family and friends met our foster children they would see how much we enjoyed having the children in our lives and are now considering fostering as well. My parents decided to apply to become foster carers after meeting a young boy we had in our care. Our best friends who were considering adoption have now decided that they could help more children by become foster carers.”

A big part of why the children love being a part of Amanda & Jessie’s home is their dog Murci, who they say all of the children adore and gives them the feeling of being part of a real family life.

“It’s amazing how much of a role Murci has played in this journey. He gives every child his undivided attention and they have felt safe and loved by his very affectionate licking and cuddles.”

The couple are trying to raise awareness that foster carers can come from a variety of backgrounds, including same sex couples, individuals and families. What is important is that they can give children and young people a safe and loving home. 

For Amanda and Jessie, becoming foster carers has changed their life in so many ways, “we have really enjoyed watching and hearing some amazing journey’s unfold. The positive outcomes we have had for the children is something you just can’t buy.”

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